Fire Prevention is Key to Protecting your 3Ps

Fire Prevention is the key to protecting your 3Ps

Fire Prevention is Key to Protecting your 3Ps

What precautions are you taking to ensure your People, Possessions and Property are protected against a fire?


As traditional Fire Services are stretched and budgets cut what precautions are you taking to ensure your People, Possessions and Property are protected?

In just the last four months there have been several fires in the local Torbay area alone, with the latest being at Torbay Recycling Centre.

The fire started in the cardboard packing area and was quickly contained however, this did cause the road to be closed and disruption to the area with cars and pedestrians being unable to access the road.

shedden hall fire

Shedden Hall, Torquay

Another major house blaze where eight adults and three children were left homeless, has shown the importance of adequate fire cover in Torbay. As the Fire Service is being continually stretched, budgets cut and stations closed, it makes sense for individuals and companies to adopt a firm understanding of fire prevention.

The disused Conway Court Hotel in Torquay was destroyed in a fire and remains closed over fears the 4-storey building could collapse at any time. Ten people have been evacuated from adjacent properties to a nearby hotel.

100% of the Hotel has sustained fire damage to all floors and roof. There is also 5% water and 10% smoke damage to an adjoining property.

The Shedden Hall Hotel was due to be redeveloped for flats and houses has since been destroyed by an arson attack. Residents of the local area were evacuated due to the immediate danger and thick black smoke coming from the hotel. The building is now being demolished so that it is no longer a risk to the immediate area.

cattlemans fire

The Lime Tree, Paignton

A fire broke out at the Lime Tree Pub (Cattlemans) in Paignton spreading to residential flats. The fire started following a fridge malfunction and the entire building is badly smoke and water damaged. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said the building suffered 50% fire damage and 100% smoke and heat damage.

A two-storey property in Torquay suffered 40% fire damage and 50% smoke damage to the first floor due to a fire involving an electrical fuse board.

Luckily no one was injured in any of these incidents, however, the damage to property and possessions is immeasurable.


All we ask is that you take control of your fire prevention equipment and make sure it is up to date, tested regularly and adequate for protecting you should your premises or equipment break out in a fire.

If you are at all unsure of the capability of your fire prevention and protection equipment, please give us a call and we will be happy to come and assess your building.


If you would like us to review an existing system and subsequently take over the fire alarm maintenance from your existing provider, we can help make the switch as easy as possible for you.

Take a look How to Switch Provider here »

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